Alternative Fertilisers 2023

45 views April 21, 2023

Thomas Gent will be hosting a webinar joined by CCm Technologies, this webinar will look into the...


Your essential guide to the carbon market

107 views March 15, 2024

Join us for our next webinar on 15 March and learn more about the carbon credit market and the...


Bliv klogere på markedet for CO2e-kreditter fra landbruget

102 views January 26, 2024

Deltag i vores næste webinar den 26. januar, som handler om markedet for CO2e-kreditter og...


Carbon farming learnings from across Europe

175 views December 08, 2023

Join farmers from across Europe as they discuss their experiences of carbon farming in our next...


Kom godt igang med Carbon Farming - Hvordan kommer vi...

66 views November 24, 2023

Vi hører meget om fordelene ved carbon farming, men hvad betyder det egentlig? Og hvordan...


How to fill out Field Actuals?

161 views October 31, 2023

In this webinar we will discuss the process of reporting your field actuals for the harvest year...


Regenerative Agriculture Seen From Space

154 views November 10, 2023

How are satellites building support for regenerative farmers? Join us for our next webinar on...


Kom godt i gang med Carbon Farming: Hvordan får vi en...

85 views October 27, 2023

Vi hører meget om fordelene ved carbon farming, men hvad betyder det egentlig? Og hvordan...


Carbon farming: how to get started

119 views October 13, 2023

What are the benefits of carbon farming and how does it impact the day-to-day running of your...


Int 4 - Will.mp4

48 views February 13, 2023


Int 3 - Ed.mp4

49 views February 13, 2023


Regenday Agreena Long.mp4

57 views February 13, 2023


Harvest Planning for Next Year 🌱

117 views September 23, 2022

You are invited to join our next webinar on how to best plan for next years harvest! Thomas Gent...


Let's talk about Crop Establishment

134 views October 07, 2022

We’d love to invite you to our next webinar in which Thomas Gent and special guest will deep dive...


Carbon Farming 2023 Q&A

306 views November 04, 2022

Join the Conversation on Carbon Farming with special guest Valentine Ganseman who has been...